My name is Marko Junttila. I live in Rovaniemi, in the capital city of the most northern part of Finland, Lapland.

I photograph nature, urban landscapes and different events. Chanching seasonal colors and lights tone the pictures I have taken.

The majority of my photographs depict the city of Rovaniemi and the wilderness surrounding the city. You can find my latest photos in photogallery.

 If you want to buy my pictures, or you need my services as a photographer, please contact me at:


My customers: Paroc Oy AB, Metsähallitus, Ajasto Oy, Lapin kauppakamari, Rovaniemen Energia, Suupohjan koulutuskuntayhtymä, Laplan Business Review, LVM, Avalon Oy, Edita, Otava, Vallila Interior, Noitatunturi Oy, Suomen Washington suurlähetystö, Suomen Energiasäästökeskus Oy, Levispirit, Linnapaperi Oy, Ranuan eläinpuisto, RAMK and many private persons.